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Interdisciplinary Training in Collaborative Family Law

The Collaborative Law Training Associates are a team of experienced interdisciplinary professionals who offer your community an opportunity to begin, or expand, the development of collaborative law services designed to meet the unique needs of your community.

Consultation begins where your community is — whether no collaborative law service exists or if the existing service needs to expand into the interdisciplinary model. We believe that it is critical to first help you understand the unique characteristics of your community so that the model you follow makes sense for you. This means taking into consideration the size, demographics, geography and resources of your community.

As Collaborative Law has developed around North America, various communities have developed along certain lines. Many began and remain committed to an attorneys only model, using other professionals/experts on an ad hoc basis as deemed necessary. Other communities have developed a interdisciplinary model which formally incorporates other professionals into the model as members of a service provision team. There are various combinations between.

We believe the success of any model can be improved by choosing a model which is right for the particular community, whether it is just beginning to consider the development of collaborative law services, or expanding into a interdisciplinary model.

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